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121.05 bpm
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Tuning:Standard Tuning (EADGBE)Capo:+0fret
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MOANA MEDLEY | VoicePlay Feat. Rachel Potter chords
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To learn VoicePlay - Moana Medley chords with lyrics, practice the chord sequence Dm, Bb, F, Bb, C, Am, C, C#, C, E, G, C, G, Am, D. For best results, commence at 60 BPM and progress to the song's BPM of 121. Tune your capo to accommodate your vocal range, referencing the song's key: G.

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[B] .
Make way [E] make way.
Moana it's time you knew the village of Motondo is all you need.
Consider the coconut the water is tree .
We [B] make our nets from the fire.
The water is sweet inside.
We use the leaves to build fires.
We cook up the meat inside.
The village believes in us.
That's right, the village [E] believes.
The island gives us [B] what we need.
And no [Dbm] one leaves.
So here I'll [Em].
My people [Gbm] beside [Db] me.
And when I think [E] of the world.
There we are.
I'll [Gbm] lead the [E] way.
I'll [Dbm] die me.
We'll build our future together.
Where you [Abm] [A] are.
Where you [B].
I've [E] been staring at the edge of the water.
Long as I can remember.
Never really knowing why .
I wish I could be [A] the perfect [B] daughter.
But I come back to [Ab] the water.
No matter how [Gbm] hard I try.
How hard I try I try.
[E] Every turn I take.
Every trail I [B] track.
Every path I [Ebm] make.
Every road leads [E] back.
To the place I know.
Where I cannot go.
Where [Am] I long to [E] be.
See the line where the sky meets the sea.
It [Abm] calls me.
[Ebm] No one [N] .
How far it [E] goes.
If the wind in my sail on the sea stays [B] behind me.
They [E] all know.
How [B] far [Cm] I'll [B] go .
Go Hey!.
[N] Open your eyes, [C] let's begin.
Yes, it's really me.
It's Maui, breathe it in.
I [Am] know it's a lot.
The hair, [Bb] the body.
[C] [Gm] Staring at [Am] a demigod.
What can I [C] say.
Except you're welcome.
For [E] the tide, the sun, the [Am].
Hey, [C] it's okay, it's okay You're welcome.
You're welcome You're welcome.
[Db] I could go on and on.
I could explain every natural [C] phenomenon.
The tide, the grass, the ground.
That was Maui just messing around.
I killed an eel, I buried its guts.
Spotted a tree, now you got coconuts.
What is the lesson, what is the [E] takeaway.
Don't mess with Maui, he's on the royal [F] way.
And the tapestry here on my skin.
Is a map of the victories I win.
I'm where I've been, I make [E] everything happen Ooh, ooh.
[D] [A] .
[Dm] [Em] [Ab] .
[Gb] [C] .
I'm out.
[E] [Bb] Little Maui's having trouble [Em] with his look.
You little semi-demi-mini guy.
[A] Ouch!.
What a terrible [Eb] performance.
Get the hook.
[Db] Get it?.
[Bb] You don't [D] swing it like you used [Em] to, man.
[Bb] Yet I have to give you [Em] credit for my style [B] and your [E] tattoos on the outside.
[Em] [Am] Just like you, I've made [Eb] myself a work of art.
[Am] [D] I'll never hide.
I can't.
[G] I'm too shiny.
[C] Watch me dazzle like a diamond [G] in the rough.
Strut my stuff.
My stuff is so shiny.
[Am] Send [D] your armies, but [C] they'll never be enough.
My [Bm] show's too tough.
My older [Em] man.
You can [C] try, try, try.
[G] .
[C] [N] .
[Eb] You'll never be quite as shiny.
You wish you were nice [E] and [Bb] shiny.
[G] [B] .
For [Bm] my pirate eye.
[B] .
I rise and find you.
[Bm] Oh Lord, don't go my [G] way.
I [D] know your [G] name.
Mama, [D] do [G] you?.
They [D] may have stolen the heart [Bm] from inside you.
That could be [A] the case.
This does not define [B] you.
Mama, [A] [G] .
do you?.
You know [D] who I [Bm] want.
I see [F] her light at [Bb] night in the sea.
She calls [C] me.
Yes, [Dm] I know.
I [Bb] can't go .
[F] There's a moon in the sky.
And it's [Bb] behind [C] .
[Fm] Still I [Ab] know .
[D] I'm yours .
I [A] know you.
I want you .
You know the [D] way.
Oh way, oh way.
[B] [C] .
[G] .
[Bbm] .
[N] .
[Eb] [E] .
[B] .
[Gb] [Em] [E] .

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