Tone Loc - Wild Thing Chords

126.45 bpm
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Tuning:Standard Tuning (EADGBE)Capo:+0fret
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Tone Loc - Wild Thing chords
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To learn Tone-Loc - Wild Thing chords with lyrics, these are the chords to practise in sequence: E, Eb, N, Eb, E. I suggest starting at a calm pace of 63 BPM, and as you gain confidence, approach the song's BPM of 126. With the song's key of Eb, set your capo to fit your vocal range and chord choice.

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We are weak.
[Eb] [N] .
I'm weak.
I'm weak.
It's not to buy for my money.
Soon the weekend comes I get it live with the hud.
We rollin down the street.
I saw the girl and she was poppin.
I wake my eyes.
Got into the ride.
See [Eb] what club we jumpin.
[N] I introduced myself to the girl.
She said you're a liar.
I said I got it going on baby doll.
And I'm a liar.
You're the hotel.
You're the king.
So be my queen if you know what I mean.
[Eb] Let's do the wild thing.
[C] [Bb] .
[Eb] [Ab] .
[Eb] Wild thing.
[Db] [E] .
[C] [Em] Wild thing.
Wild thing.
Wild thing.
I'm looking for some gear to buy.
[F] I saw [Db] this girl she's gonna rock my world.
And I had to adjust my fly.
She looked at me and smiled and said.
[N] we have plans for the night.
I said hopefully if things go well.
I'll be with you tonight.
We turned into a house.
One thing led to another.
I came to the door I couldn't hit the floor.
I looked up and it was a mother.
I didn't know where to stay.
I was hanging by a string.
She said hey you too I was once like you.
And I like to do the wild [Eb] thing.
Wild thing.
[N] She talked to me with her eyes.
Wild [Eb] thing.
[E] Please baby don't you leave [Eb] me.
[Gbm] She said you know the fact.
[E] [Db] hanging out is always [N] hype.
And with me and the crew niggas shimmy.
I'm gonna go wreck my sights.
[Em] Little friend I thought she was fine.
This way young miss don't give me a chance.
And I think that she [E] was fine.
She said to the limousine.
[Dbm] it's still parked [N] outside.
I took the chauffeur with me to the door.
and I gave her my own [Em] ride.
She hit her off my back.
she said well I like static cling.
But that's what [Dbm] happens when bodies start slapping.
From [Eb] doing the wild thing.
[E] .
Wild [Eb] thing.
[C] She [Ab] wanted me to [Cm] do the wild thing.
[Db] [Eb] [G] Please baby don't you leave [N] me.
[Eb] [N] .
[Eb] .
Wild thing.
[N] .
Doing a little show.
at the local discotheque.
This fire chick was on my job.
so I said what's up.
She wanted to come on stage.
and do a little dance.
We'll run some films for now and maybe later.
you'll get your chance.
So when the show finished.
I took her around the way.
And what do you know she was good to go.
Without a word to say.
We was going along and she said.
let me tell you one thing.
I need fifty dollars to make you holla.
I [A] get paid to do [Eb] the wild thing.
[N] Say what?.
[Eb] You [C] know how she was.
and she did.
[Eb] You know what [E] Chloe?.
[Eb] You better get out of here.
[Bb] I'm telling you.
she's got it done.
[Eb] [Dbm] .
[Eb] [E] .
[Eb] Wild [E] .
[Eb] thing.

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