Chords for Skylar Grey - Kill For You (Official Audio) ft. Eminem

95.5 bpm
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Tuning:Standard Tuning (EADGBE)Capo:+0fret
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Skylar Grey - Kill For You (Official Audio) ft. Eminem chords
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To learn Skylar Grey - Kill For You chords with lyrics, familiarize yourself with these chords: G, D, Em, C, Em, Am, Em. Kick off your practice at a gentle 47 BPM, then escalate to the song's tempo of 96 BPM. For a balanced sound, adjust the capo with respect to your voice and the song's key: G.

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[Am] .
[Em] [Am] .
[D] .
[Em] .
[D] [C] .
[F] .
[B] .
[Em] [Am] .
[Em] [Am] .
[D] [Em] .
[D] [Em] .
[Am] .
I'm [Em] alright, [Am] even if it's a [D] terrible crime.
[Em] It's alright, cause I got [G] your back.
I know [D] you got mine.
I [Em] belong to [Am] the church of your [Em] name.
It's on, cause [Am] I worship the ground you [D] walk on.
If [Em] I pray for you, I [G] know [D] you'll be there .
[Em] You got me, baby, [Am] I believe it .
[Em] You got affection and [Am] truth .
[D] You make me count [Em] in my .
[D] head.
Baby, I'd give it [Em] for you.
In my bed, I [Am] believe every word [Em] you said.
Just [Am] a kiss and you make me [D] forget.
All [Em] the bad battles [G] we've lost.
The bodies [D] we hid.
You [Em] don't know just [Am] how far I've been [Em] willing to go.
You put [Am] the price in my [D] low cost.
So you [Em] can count on me to [G] always [D] be there .
[Em] You got me, baby, [Am] I believe [Em] it.
You got affection and [Am] truth .
[D] You make me count [Em] in my head .
[D] Baby, I'd give it [Em] for you .
[C] Oh Lord, forgive [G] my weary hands.
[D] And for what they [Em] may do .
[C] I'll carry out [G] his evil plans.
[D] If he wants me to .
[Em] In your dreams, you're drowning.
I just want to save [C] you.
I'm your alternate escape route.
The altar you pray [G] to, your ultimate savior.
Your behavior is [D] awesome, you ain't your mom cause I met you.
Brainwash and persuade [Em] you.
You're brawlsome, you're faithful.
Never falls [C] away from when you cause a endanger.
I'm your [G] guardian angel, nobody can tell you.
Shit you've [D] already made sure.
Mind just follow me, babe, you won't be sorry [Em] you stayed true.
Always ride, whatever the plan [C] is, to the end.
Even if I let us into an [G] ambush.
Even if we rob the Urge National.
And cops [Bm] caught us red-handed.
They're coming [D] at us and we're trapped with our backs [Em] up.
Against the wall and it's too tall.
You [C] can't fault me or hold a rattle for me.
Stay back to get cash [G] and take the fall.
You make it all worth it, baby [D] doll, you're perfect.
The way you are, accidents [Em] happen.
All I know is you love me.
That's really all that [C] matters.
And any who cross our path are just collateral [G] damage.
At your side, got your [D] lateral back.
Your front diagonal backwards, blackbird.
We attack like animals.
When they threaten what we [Em] have, it's a natural reaction.
You lay a bitch flat [G] on her back.
In the second platform, who tries to take your man [D] from you.
Is blasphemy and through the casualty.
You go [Em] whatever route, whatever you have [D] to do.
You blasphemy, I [Em] never doubt that.
You can't make me a [A] believer.
[Em] Even if that shit ain't [Am] true.
[D] You will make me [Em] come to my knees.
[D] Baby, I'd kill for [Em] you .

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