Chords for UGK (Underground Kingz) - Int'l Players Anthem (I Choose You) (Director's Cut) ft. Outkast

155.65 bpm
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Tuning:Standard Tuning (EADGBE)Capo:+0fret
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UGK (Underground Kingz) - Int'l Players Anthem (I Choose You) (Director's Cut) ft. Outkast chords
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To learn UGK - Intl Players Anthem chords with lyrics, build your understanding on these core chords: A, Bm, A, D, Bm, G, Bm, G, D. A strategic approach would be to train at 77 BPM initially, and then accelerate to the song's natural tempo of 156. With the song's key of D, set your capo to fit your vocal range and chord choice.

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[D] This is George Washington's wife.
[G#m] They think it's a fluid time for her [F#m] to roll it up.
I ain't gonna do it, I'ma tell you.
Don't do it.
[B] Do it.
[D] What I want to know is why is he dressed like Rowdy [Bm] Piper?.
I got Scottish in my family.
[G#m] Scottish?.
[Gm] Yeah.
[F#m] So who's your brother's mate?.
Come on, man.
Just do it.
Support me.
Come on, [D] man.
Man, he's up to the top of the mountain, Joe.
We need to be supportive.
That's right.
I [C#] supported his girl [E] he married [F#m] for about two years.
Trying to pay for her own back-flip [D] party.
When the man is ready, he ready.
When y'all get [Bm] 80, 70, 60, 55 [A#m] years old,.
[C] and y'all [F#m] gonna be sitting in a rocking chair by yourself,.
and [D] you're like, let's go to the club, let's go to the club,.
y'all gonna be the only old in the club.
Seriously, J, all playing the side, man.
Why get married, Piper?.
[A] So, [D] I typed a text to a girl I used to [Bm] see,.
saying that I chose this cutie [G] pie with whom I [D] want to be,.
[Bm] and I apologize if this message gets you down.
Then [D] I cc'd every girl that I cc'd round town,.
and hate to see y'all frown, but I'd [Bm] rather see her smiling.
Wetness all around [G] me true, but [Bm] I'm no island, peninsula maybe.
Makes no sense, I know crazy.
Give up all this, and that's in my lap, no [A] looking back.
[D] Spaceships don't come equipped [Bm] with rear-view mirrors.
They dip as quick as [G] they can.
[D] The atmosphere is [Bm] now ripped.
I'm so like a pimp.
I'm glad it's night.
So the light from the sun would not burn me [A] on my bum.
[D] When I shoot the moon, high jump the [Em] broom.
[Bm] Like a preemie out the womb.
My [G] partner yelling, [Bm] too soon, don't do it.
Reconsider, read [D] some literature on the subject.
You sure?.
You know we got your back like [E] Kyro crack.
[Bm] Kick if that do you dirty.
[G] Good white part, [Bm] sound as in detergent.
Now hurry, hurry, go on to the altar.
I know you ain't a pimp, but pimp, remember [A] what I taught you.
[D] Keep your heart, three stacks.
Keep your [A] heart, [Bm] hey, keep your heart.
[G] Keep your heart, [Bm] man, these girls are smart.
Three stacks, these girls are smart.
Play your [D] part.
Play your part.
[E] [D] .
[G] [Bm] .
[D] .
[Bm] .
[G] [Bm] .
[Em] [D] .
[G] [Bm] .
You ain't a pimp.
[A] You [D] a .
Baby, [Bm] .
[G] [Bm] .
[A] [Bm] .
you can't roll a solo.
Tommy, get done with the team, [G] because Sabrina on that other side.
You know what I mean?.
I say, you never [Bm] seen the seven wonders [A] of the world.
[Bm] And I commit you to eight if you gonna be my [D] girl.
When I say my girl, I don't mean my woman.
[A] ain't my [Bm] style need a real street [G] stalker.
[Bm] keep riling up the paper on the dining room table.
cause you able to realize I'm the truth and [A] not a fable.
baby [D] rock your russian stable keep that [Bm] chiller on the way.
what I look like with a thousand [G] dollars.
I'm a million dollar man that [Bm] need a billion dollar.
put my pimpin in your life watch your daddy [Em] get rich.
easy [D] as ABC simple as 1,2,3.
get down with you GK, Pimp [G] CB you with [Bm] B.
cause what's a with no pimp and what's a pimp with no.
don't be a lame you know the game and how it goes.
[Em] we try to [D] get chose.
any [Bm] .
[G] [D] [Bm] .
[A] .
many decisions with precision I pick or make.
my selection on who I choose to get.
girl don't touch my protection I know you won't get to slip.
but slipping is something I don't do.
[D#] tipping for life.
[D] .
that's like making it rain every month on [Bm] schedule .
let me tell you [G] get your parasol umbrella.
cause it's gonna get wetter.
better [Bm] prepare your father she's supposed.
she's supposed to spend it on that baby [A] but we see she [D] don't.
ass ass Paul McCartney.
Delores couldn't stop.
slaughter slaughter udder pockets [G] had to tie [D] to a rock.
send her into outer [N] space I know he wish he could.
cause he packing 20 pig and baby.
CB rules [D] like an infant on a double [Bm] D.
it's getting wet cause you miscalculated the [G] next the next.
[Bm] dump dump in the gut from the giddy up.
better choose the right one or pick pick the kiddies up.
[D] .
[A] [Bm] .
[G] [Bm] .
[A] [D] .
[Bm] .
[G] [Bm] .
[N] .
three stacks why you had to do this man .
we had a we had a pimpin dynasty man.
a pimpin dynasty .
I'm happy for you .

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