It Was A Good Day Chords by Ice Cube

82.25 bpm
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Tuning:Standard Tuning (EADGBE)Capo:+0fret
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Ice Cube - It Was A Good Day chords
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To learn Ice Cube - It Was a Good Day chords with lyrics, grasp the musical fabric of the song with this sequence: Eb, Cm, Gm, Dm, Eb, Cm, Bb, Gm, Eb, Gm. To get a solid grasp, start slowly at 41 BPM and then match the original tempo of 82 BPM. Tune your capo to accommodate your vocal range, referencing the song's key: Bb.

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[Eb] .
[Ab] [Gm] [Eb] .
[Cm] [Gm] [Eb] .
[Cm] [Gm] [Eb] .
[Cm] [Gm] [Eb] Just waking up in the [Cm] morning gotta [Bb] thank God.
I don't [Gm] know but [Dm] today seems [Eb] kind of odd.
No barking from the [Cm] dog.
[Bb] No smoke [D] and [Gm] mama cooked the [Dm] breakfast with [Eb] no hope.
I got my grub on [Cm] but didn't [Gm] dig out finally got a call from a [Dm] girl.
I wanna [Eb] dig out hooked it up for [Cm] later as I [Gm] hit the dope thinking will I live [Dm] another 24.
[Eb] I gotta go cuz I [Cm] got me a [Gm] drop top and if I hit the switch I [Dm] can make the [Eb] ass drop.
Had to [Cm] stop at a [Gm] red light looking in my mirror not a [Dm] jack or in [Eb] sight and everything [Cm] is alright.
[Bb] I gotta be from [Gm] Kim and she could do it [Eb] all night.
[Cm] Called up the homies and I'm [Bb] maxing y'all which [Gm] part are y [Dm]'all playing [Eb] basketball?.
Get [Cm] me on the court and I'm [Gm] trouble last week messed around [Dm] and got a [Eb] triple double.
Freaking [Cm] brothers every way like [Gm] MJ.
I can't believe today [Dm] was a [Eb] good day .
[Cm] [Gm] [F] [Eb] .
[Gm] [Dm] [Eb] Drove to the pad [Cm] and hit the showers [Bb] didn't even get [Gm] no static from the [Dm] coward.
Cuz [Eb] that's just today them [Cm] fools trying to blast me [Dm] saw [Gm] the police and they roll [Dm] right [Eb] past me.
No [Cm] flexing didn't even [Gm] look in a brother's direction as I ran [Dm] the [Eb] intersection.
With the show [Cm] dogs house.
They was [Gm] watching your MTV rap.
What's the [Dm] haps on the [Eb] crap shake them up shake [Cm] them up shake them up shake [Gm] up?.
[Dm] Bullim in a circle [Gm] our homies [Dm] and watch me break [Eb] them with the seven seven [Cm] eleven seven [Bb] eleven.
[Gm] Seven even back [F] dough little [Eb] Joe.
I picked [Cm] up the cash.
[Dm] Then we played [G] bone and [Dm] I'm yelling [Eb] domino plus nobody.
[Cm] I know got killed [Gm] South Central LA.
Today [Dm] was a good [Eb] day.
[Cm] .
[Bb] [Gm] [Dm] [Eb] [Cm] .
[Gm] [Dm] [Eb] I.
Left my homies house [Cm] pay [Gm] picked up a girl been trying to dig [Dm] sit the [Eb] 12th grade.
[Cm] It's ironic.
I [Bb] had the booze.
She [Gm] had the chronic the Lakers [Dm] beat the super [Eb] side.
Felt [Cm] on the big fat [Gm] fanny pulled out the jammy and killed [Dm] the [Eb] manny and my Jimmy [Cm] runs deep.
So [Bb] deep [Gm] so deep put her butt [Dm] to sleep.
[Eb] Walk her up [Cm] around one.
She didn't [Gm] hesitate to call ice cube [Dm] the top [Eb] gun over to the pad [Cm] and I'm coasting.
Took [Bb] another sip of the potion [Gm] hit the three [Dm]-wheel [Eb] motion.
I was glad [Cm] everything had worked [Gm] out.
But the burnt off and [Dm] then chirped [Eb] down.
Today was like one of those five [Dm] dreams didn't [Gm] even see a berry flashing [F] those high [Eb] beams.
No [Cm] helicopter looking [Gm] for the murder who in the morning [Dm] got the fat [Eb] burger.
Even saw the lights of the good year [Gm] blip and it read ice cubes [Dm] up.
[Eb] Drunk [Cm] as hell, but no throwing [Gm] up halfway home and my pages [D] still blowing [Eb] up today.
I [Cm] didn't even have to use my [Gm] 8k.
I gotta say it [Dm] wasn't.
[Eb] [Cm] .
[Bb] [Gm] [Dm] [Eb] [Cm] .
[Bb] [Gm] [Dm] [Eb] [Cm] .
[E] [B] .
[Em] [Bb] .
[Eb] [Bb] .
[Eb] [A] [Em] .
[B] [Em] .
[E] [N] .
[Bb] Oh .
[A] [Bm] [B] .
[E] [Gb] .
[Bb] .

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