Chords for Maroon 5 - Cold ft. Future (Official Music Video)

100.3 bpm
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Tuning:Standard Tuning (EADGBE)Capo:+0fret
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Maroon 5 - Cold ft. Future (Official Music Video) chords
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To learn Maroon 5 - Cold chords with lyrics, centre your learning around these crucial chords: Dm, G, Am, Em, Dm, Em, F, G. Begin your practice at a relaxed 50 BPM, then work your way up to the song's BPM of 100. With the song's key of C, set your capo to fit your vocal range and chord choice.

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Hey, Jonathan.
Hey, man.
Can you stop by a party over at futures?.
He wants to play you the new track.
He says it won't take long.
No, I say no.
He really wants you to hear it in person.
[Eb] Alright, sure.
I'll go but I'm [N] not gonna stay long.
You're the best.
All right.
Hey, babe.
Hey, I gotta go to futures house.
He's having a party and wants to play me the verse that he did on cold, but I'll be back soon.
I'm just gonna drink and I'll split.
Okay, cool.
Can you just stop and get us some milk, please?.
Sure, it's never made that request .
Then it milk you shall have.
Fuck yeah, I'm coming.
I'm super pumped.
I can't wait to hear it.
This is a major vibe.
Yeah, wait, man.
[D] I can't wait.
[Cm] Enough to [B] chill my bones.
It feels [C] like I don't know you [F] anymore I.
Understand my you so cold to me with every breath you breathe.
I'll see this.
[Dm] Understand [C] why you [N] so cold are we taking time or time out?.
[Dm] I can't take the in-between.
Asking me for space here in my [N] house, you know how to fuck [C] with me together.
After [Am] everything that [Dm] we've been through sleeping up [Gb] under the covers.
I'm so far away from [F] you distant.
when [Em] we're kissing.
You're [C] so different.
Baby, tell me how did you get [F] so?.
[G] .
[Bb] [Am] [Em] .
[F] [Dm] [G] .
[Gm] [Am] [Em] .
Understand why you're [Dm] so.
[G] .
But [Am] [G] .
you're holding on holding on for you only [Gm] just see.
[C] Why you wanna bite your tongue for silence is killing me.
[Db] I said, we're [G] not together.
If you don't want this, then what's the [Bb] use sleeping up [D] under the covers?.
I'm so far away from you.
Distant [Am] when we're kissing.
You're so different.
[E] Baby, tell me how did you [F] get so?.
[G] .
[Am] [Em] .
[F] [Dm] [G] .
[Am] [Em] .
[Dm] [G] .
[Am] [Em] .
[Dm] [G] .
[C] [G] .
[C] [F] I.
Never thought that you [Em] would like this.
I took the tag off a major [Am] prices.
I [D] just spent a half a meal on [G] the chandelier that you try coming out like a light [F] switch.
[Dm] John Stan Ali.
[G] Saying that you need some time to [Am] breathe.
[D] Thinking that I'm sleeping on the four [E]-letter word, but the four-letter word [Dm] don't sleep.
We go into [G] separate ways.
You ain't been acting [Am] the same.
You gotta go [Em] where your heart used to be you go dig it.
[F] [Dm] [G] .
[Am] [G] [Am] [F] I.
Wish I [A] could come [B] thank you.
How's the party?.
[E] [Bm] .
[A] .
[E] Hey, man, you gotta chill out.
You [N] see that tell me saying shit again.
Might need some sleep.
You are [Em] yeah.
No, I mean no.
[Am] [G] .
[Am] [Em] [F] .
[G] I.
[Am] .
[G] [Em] [Am] .
[G] [Am] .
[G] [Em] [F] .
[C] [Am] .
[Em] [F] .
[G] [C] .
[Em] .
[C] [Bb] .
See it so clearly it's never about the milk one more boy.
[N] Hey .
It was weird.
Yeah, somebody slipped something in my drink I think it was acid cuz sort of tripping balls.
Future turned into a teddy bear and James was getting blown by a chicken.
Hmm I was crazy and then I got arrested or the cops came but they weren't really the cops.
It was like this adorable little cartoon stripper.
She gave me like a adorable little cartoon stripper lapdance.
I was weird and then these two girls they pulled me into a room for a threesome.
Nothing happened.
Nothing happened.
One had the head of a donkey and the other one had the head of like a skull I guess.
It's like a hemisphere.
Dear antelope or some shit, I don't really remember and then like this bodybuilder lady.
She was wearing Uggs.
She threw me into the pool.
I kind of snapped out of it and left the car there cuz I was way too fucked up to drive.
So I just oh and here I am.
I got the milk .
Love you .

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