Chords for Eminem ft. Rihanna - The Monster (Explicit) [Official Video]

110 bpm
Chords used:






Tuning:Standard Tuning (EADGBE)Capo:+0fret
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Eminem ft. Rihanna - The Monster (Explicit) [Official Video] chords
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To learn Eminem - The Monster chords with lyrics, familiarize yourself with these chords: B, A, C#m, B, A, B, C#m. For best results, commence at 55 BPM and progress to the song's BPM of 110. Considering your vocal pitch and chord choices, adjust the capo in accordance with the key: E.

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[G] .
[N] .
[G#] [E] .
[G#] .
[F] .
[Am] [Cm] [G#] .
[G#m] [A] .
[N] [F] .
[N] .
[G] [Cm] .
[F#] [G#] .
[C] .
I'm friends with [C#m] the monster, [B] I'm friends with the monster, I'm friends with the monster,.
the sun to [A] my bed get along with [C#m] the.
[B] inside of [A] my head you're trying [C#m] to save.
[B] me stop holding [A] your breath then you.
think [C#m] i'm crazy.
[B] yeah you think [A] i'm crazy [C#m] i wanted the.
fame but not [B] the cover a newsflick [A] oh.
well guess becky can't be choosy.
[C#m] wanted to receive [B] attention for my music.
[A] wanted to be left alone public excuse me.
[C#m] what am i thinking needed [B] to and.
wouldn't it both [A] ways fame made me a.
balloon because my ego [C#m] inflated when i.
will see [B] but it was confusing because.
[A] all i wanted to do is be the bruce [C#m] lee of.
loosely abusing [B].
use it as a [A] tool when i boosted.
hit the lottery [C#m] forget what i [B] gave up.
to get it was [A] bittersweet it's like.
winning excuse me i'm [C#m] blind because i.
think i'm getting so [B] huge i need a.
strength i'm [A] beginning to lose sleep.
one sheep two sheep [C#m] going cuckoo and.
kooky is [B] cool key but i'm actually [A] weirder.
than you think.
because i'm friends with [C#m] the moon [B] .
[A] [C#m] [B] .
[A] [C#m] [B] .
[A] [C#m] [B] .
[A] [C#m] [B] .
[A] [C#m] [B] .
[A] [C#m] [B] .
[A] [C#m] [B] .
[A] no i.
ain't [C#m] much of a poet but i know [B] somebody.
once told me to [A] seize the moment and.
don't squander it because you never know.
when it [F#] all could be over tomorrow [B] so i.
[A] sometimes i wonder where these thoughts [C#m] wander.
i wonder if [F#] you [B] want just to [A] warn you.
from losing your mind away.
why [C#m] did [B] you keep wondering [A] off down.
yonder and stumbled onto depth and.
uddering because i [B] need an intervention.
[A] and stay in a beam between me and this.
monster and [C#m] save me from myself [B] and all.
this conflict [A] because the very thing.
that i love killing me and i can't.
[C#m] conquer it my [B] ocd's talking me [A] in the.
head keep knocking nobody's home i'm.
sleepwalking i'm just [B] relaying what the.
voice of my head [A] saying don't shoot the.
messenger i'm just.
[C#m] [B] .
[A] [C#m] [B] .
[A] [C#m] [B] .
[A] [C#m] [B] .
[A] [C#m] [B] .
[A] [C#m] [B] .
[A] [C#m] [B] .
[A] [C#m] [B] .
[A] [C#m] call me crazy but i [B] have this vision one.
[A] day that i walk amongst you a regular.
stability [C#m] but until then.
[B] chumps and children i'm coming [A] straight.
at mcs but get filled up take [C#m] you back.
to the days that [B] i get on a great track.
[A] give every kid who got played that.
pumped up [C#m] feeling and shit to stay back.
[B] to the kids claim [A] i ain't here to save.
the fucking children but if one kid.
[C#m] out of a [B] hundred million who are [A] going.
through a struggle feels it and relates.
[C#m] that's great it's payback [B] buster wilson.
falling [A] way back in the trap.
turn nothing into [C#m] something still can.
make [B] that straw in the gold [A] dump i will.
spin crumple still spinning a haystack.
[B] maybe i need a straight jacket [A] face.
facts i am nuts for real but i'm okay.
with that it's nothing i'm still [C#m] friends with.
[G#m] [A] .
[C#m] [B] [A] .
[C#m] [B] [A] .
[C#m] [B] [A] [C#m] .
[B] [A] .
you're [C#m] [B] [A] .
trying [C#m] to save [B] me.
stop holding [A] your breath.
you think [C#m] i'm crazy.
[B] yeah you think [C#m] i'm crazy.
well that's nothing.
[B] [A] [C#m] [B] [A] .
[C#m] [B] [A] .
[C#m] [B] [F#m] .
[N] .

Facts about this song

This song was written by Maki Athanasiou, Aalias, Bebe Rexha, Frequency, Jon Bellion, Rihanna and Eminem.

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