ChordU is an online "on-the-go" ready-reckoner for all your chord progressions - made for and by people who live and breathe music - enabling one and all to dive deeper into the spectrum of learning, creation and innovation.

ChordU transfroms music files and songs directly from YouTube along with your very own personal favorites. Once selected ChordU automatically recognizes the chords from the audio files syncs them to a very simple and interactive player which you control.

ChordU, using cutting-edge technology in identifying the chords of your favorite songs, helps musicians - both amteurs and professionals alike - to play the music they want to play, how they want to play, wherever they want to play.

How accurate is ChordU?

Since its inception, ChordU has always been about simplicity and ease of usability, be it on website or the app. Once you request for some chords, a set of complex technology and processes come alive in the background to provide you with a seamless service and experience. It starts with the actual identification of the chords from the digitized audio file and then to pin-pointing the actual timing of the chords in the song progression or beat-tracking as we like to call this step. There is a lot more going behind the scenes but explaining the minute details will only make this story unnecessarily long and boring.

All we would like to say is that we have worked hard to provide you the most accurate chord progressions for multiple instruments in a most easy-to-understand format. Most noteworthy is our advanced chord progression providing a high level accuracy than the basic chord which is primarily intended for people starting their journey. The results have proven to be highly accurate for most of the songs. But as we all know music, in its full grandeur, might prove to be beyond the perception of the latest technologies as well.

“Music is a boon, and blessed are those who dive into its unfathomable depths.”

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