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Frequently asked questions

How to download the chord sheet?
Launch the application on your mobile or PC -> Search and select the song you want chords for -> Below the chord diagram slider, choose whichever chords you want to print (Simple/Advanced) -> Then go to the "Chord Sheet" Tab -> Right above the chord sheet you will find the option to download your chord sheet in a PDF format.
How to make a payment for a subscription?
Launch the application on your mobile or PC. -> On the top right corner (Mobile) and top left corner (Computer), select the Main Menu. -> Click on the Login button -> Select whichever mode you want to login via (Google or Facebook) ->After login again, select the main menu, then you will see the "Go Premium" button.
How to download editable Transpose Chords?
You need to launch the application on your pc, ios, or android device. Then you have to choose the song you want to jam along to -> Next, a new layout of the page will appear. -> Next, you have to click on the Edits button -> Next, Click to the Tune Chords -> Then transpose the chords of the song -> Then transpose the chords of the song -> Save Edit -> Then click on "Download as Pdf" And you are done.
Is ChordU free?
We highly recommend ChordU Premium, but using ChordU for free is also possible. You won't get all the great features like download chords, download MIDI files, or music file uploads, but you can play along to a (limited) set of songs. When you choose to use the free version of ChordU, you will see advertisements, and we might ask you to subscribe to ChordU Premium every now and then.
Can I advertise my product/brand/band on ChordU?
Sure! Please contact this mail id "" For more information.
Can I cancel my subscription at any time?
You can cancel at any moment, and you'll still be able to use all of the ChordU Premium features for the remaining duration of your subscription.
What are the subscription options?
You can subscribe to Chordify Premium on a monthly or yearly subscription. You can save around 20% with an annual subscription! For more information, head to the Premium page.
Can I use my Premium subscription on multiple devices?
Yes! You can use your Premium subscription inclusively with multiple devices.