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Frequently asked questions

How to download the chord sheet?
If you are a subscriber, go to the track/jam page below music instrument buttons you will find "Download pdf" button on the left side. You can download pdf from there. You can also download simplified, advanced, bass and edited versions on the song by first selecting on the respective buttons above the diagram slider and then follow the above-mentioned procedure.
Is ChordU free?
Yes, ChordU is free but with limited feature. From its first inception it has always been about ease of accessibility where you can get chords and play through any song of your choice. You will see advertisements on the site or application, we also might ask you to subscribe to ChordU Premium every now and then.
We highly recommend premium subscription for better experience. You can use ChordU for free but you would not get great features like download pdf, download midi, upload music or listen to music only feature.
What are the different versions of score-sheet or sheet-music that can be downloaded from ChordU?
ChordU supports four versions of notes, represented as sheet-music. Chords Notes, Simple Notes & Music Notes are provided in treble clef and the Bass Notes is provided in bass clef. All versions mentioned above can be downloaded from the “Download PDF” button placed above the score-sheet.
What are the available subscription and options ?
We have two types subscription plans that “Starter” and “Premium” you can find on our website or application. These plans are available as monthly and yearly subscription where discount is available only on yearly subscriptions. To know more about their features, click on the hamburger button then select Go premium button or else click on Go Premium.
Can I upload songs from my local files?
Yes, you can upload songs from local storage, click on hamburger menu and select my profile then select my uploads to upload your song. Please note that you can use this feature only if you are a premium subscriber.
You can also listen to music only version of this song which is accessible by activating music only toggle button.
Can I use my premium subscription on multiple devices?
Yes, you are subscribed to premium through your email. While you login to other devices you need to login with the same email id to access your subscription.
Can I advertise my product/brand/band on ChordU?
Sure! Please contact us through email: for more information.
Can I cancel my subscription at any time?
You can cancel your subscription at any moment, you will still be able to use ChordU premium features for the remaining tenure of your subscription.