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You are all set to dive deeper into the world of music; then you are at the right place. Play, edit, and download chord progressions for any song you want to only on ChordU.


Search for chords quickly without wasting time, as we have four versions: simplified, advanced, bass, and edited. Our Deep Learning system can automatically find the song key and generates chords for you. You can also change its pitch in increasing and decreasing order according to what suits you. For this feature, we have a separate column exclusively designed to help you tune chords, and when you choose to do so, you will find the chord progression changes automatically and displays the right chord.


These chords are displayed in an accessible form by showing major and minor chords.


In contrast with simplified chords these have sound progression in a more detailed manner, including 6th, 7th, augmented, and half-diminished chords, as per requirement in the chord sheet.


Bass chords are one of our specific features for musicians who play bass instruments.


Finally, edited versions are the chords other users edited while playing.


As one of the latest features, ChordU supplies notes for songs designed especially for you, and we have four versions. Here notes displayed as sheet music are available for both treble clef and bass clef. Once you click on each of these versions, it instantly shows sheet music for the current versions.



There are three versions in treble clef; simple notes that help you get the rhythm of the song, while music notes let you find the sequence of instrument notes


You can select the bass notes button to find low-pitch sheet music for bass.

MusicOnly Mode

If you are seeking to enhance your ear training skills or rehearse playing your preferred tunes with a tailored backing track, then Music Only mode is the perfect solution for you!


Volume control for different parts

With this feature, you have the power to control the volume of each part of the song, including the “Vocals“, “Bass“, “Drums“, and “Instruments“, allowing you to customize your learning experience to fit your unique needs.

Download mix

You can also download/export the mixed audio for later use, so you can continue perfecting your musical skills anytime, anywhere.

Find exclusive features only on ChordU

Chord diagram

This is the diagrammatic representation of the chords that you are playing. The best thing about this feature is that it automatically slides to the current playing chord or shows a summarized chord diagram used in the song to play along. This pictorial diagram changes when you change the instrument, and it will display the chord diagram for the current instrument selected among the four instruments: guitar, piano, ukulele and mandolin.

Sheet music Beta

Sheet music is a set of musical notations that denotes musical symbols to show pitches in a song. For each song, there are strong available versions. The main music player plays the entire music by default. But, the top player above the sheet music lets you play and hear the synthesized music itself, with the progress displayed in yellow marker. Scoresheet notations are different for bass & treble.


It instantly displays chords for the entire song, which automatically scrolls one by one when the music is being played. This is the current chord you must play to follow through with the rhythm and tune of the song. The simplified version displays the major and minor chords in each block, while when you change the version to advanced chords, each chord block content changes to show chords with more important details in which the song can be played.

Download for offline usage

ChordU lets you download pdfs for both chords and notes in every available instrument and version. Similarly, midi files are the audio files that you can download for all versions of chords and notes. In our website version, there is another available download feature: Synthesized Notes as WAV audio.

Capo, Transpose

Capo displays a fretboard at the sidebar of the desktop or on-tune chords where ChordU digitally clamps up strings to play in shorter areas for you. If you want to change the fret positions, you can click on the part where you want to clamp the fret, and the rest will be taken care of automatically. When we say that you can change fret position, we have another feature: transpose, which can be edited by selecting flat/sharp or +/- transpose buttons below the transpose wheel. When clicked, the pitch of the song changes and the chord or note sheet automatically gets recalculated.

BPM, Dynamic BPM, Tempo

BPM solely stands for the beat in which the music is being played. The overall BPM is displayed as the average BPM at which the entire song is being played. To know the BPM for each block of sheet music or at which a particular piece of music is played, you can see it at the bottom of the tune chord, where ChordU has placed a graphical diagram. Here you can check out the deviation in BPM. We also have a dedicated feature where you can change the speed of the song by increasing or decreasing the tempo.

MusicOnly mode

This unique feature is only available upon uploading your music files from your storage. ChordU automatically generates MusicOnly version of your song, which you can play by activating the toggle button on My Uploads tab. This feature is exclusively available on the Premium subscription.

Jamlist to organize better

Jamlist helps to organize a list of your favorite song by custom category, separated into several folders according to your mood. Once you add a track to a particular folder of the Jamlist, you can revisit it later from the main menu.

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